Japan Heterocerists’ Society

Welcome to the website of Japan Heterocerists’ Society, a group for moth studies and researches mainly in Japan. The society consists of about 300 people, and is open to everyone who loves moths. The society publishes a journal “TINEA” (biannually) and a newsletter “Japan Heterocerists’ Journal” (quarterly), and holds three meetings par year. You can get latest information on various researches on moths through these publications and meetings.

How to participate

Please contact the secretary office with your personal information (name and postal address). No cost to join. The annual fee is 7,000 JPY (Japanese Yen). We can accept a PayPal payment.

How to obtain back issues

Back issues are available for purchase (some are sold out). Please refer to Back Issues page for more information. We have recently released PDFs of many of our publications. You can download them from Tinea, Japan Heterocerists’ Journal or Special Issues pages.

Last update: 6 Jun, 2020